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“Keep Cool - Wear ‘T-Shirts’”

The first Harley-Davidson t-shirt is considered to have been introduced in 1947, with the well known winged logo on the chest. First appearing in about 1950, this design of a rider on a Hydra Glide is the first H-D t-shirt to show a motorcycle. The t-shirt, along with blue jeans and engineer boots became heavily associated with the motorcycle rider. With the appearance of this motorcycle style on the silver screen in movies such as The Wild Ones with Hollywood star Marlon Brando, the t-shirt along with the boots and blue jeans became a symbol of rebellion. This symbol of rebellion became popular amongst the youth and ultimately prevailed over any oppression against the style from their peers. The t-shirt has since become an iconic part of Harley-Davidson merchandise popular with motorcycle enthusiasts both young and old.


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