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The Race Of Gentlemen

Twice a year the folks from The Race of Gentleman bring about a group of American race enthusiasts for an unforgettable weekend. This year we had the pleasure of joining them at Pismo Beach in California to see the action firsthand. We hope you enjoy these images as much as we do, but next time be sure to see the action in person.

For a bit more about The Race of Gentleman here are some words from founders Bobby Green & Mel Stultz, “We have always held a great appreciation for our American automotive heritage and the ingenuity of all those that came before us. From the engineering geniuses of the Industrial Revolution to the backyard mechanics that turned a set of tools and gumption into what we know as hotrodding today, the Race of Gentlemen was created to celebrate that rich and exciting history and our can do spirit that made this country so great! We hope you share our passion for the past and will join us in this automotive carnival known as TROG!” We look forward to seeing you at the next gathering at either Pismo Beach, California or Wildwood, New Jersey!

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